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Military Joining The American Resistance To Protect The Constitution

This is Freedom of Speech at it’s best!
As Protected and Guaranteed to me in The US Constitution!

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A Scary Growing Trend

kkkHere we rant and bitch and gripe about things that piss us off, no big deal.  I feel that we have legitimate reasons but we don’t expect everyone to agree with us about everything.  Politics, the economy, jobs, etc. it’s the stuff everyone bitches about but today I came across an article about a new and growing trend that is actually scary.  It seems the there is a growing rise in hate groups and I’m talking about the hard core groups, since the election and even before, no doubt.

- Report: the number of hate groups grew by 54 percent since 2000
- Obama’s election win fueled some to join hate groups, study found
-The FBI’s uniform crime report found 7,624 hate crime incidents in 2007
-Obama is a “visual aid” that helps lure new members, says neo-Nazi

Groups like the KKK are seeing a rise in membership that is unprecedented in modern times.  Just look at the history of the KKK and imagine them taking hold today.  Scary.

Now, if you’re going to have a problem with Obama, fine, but for God’s sake, make sure it’s for the right reasons!  If you don’t like his politics, fine, but if you just dislike, or hate the man for his skin color, that’s just wrong.  It seems like that is the galvanizing issue for too many people.

On the day after Obama’s historic election, more than 2,000 people joined his Web site, a remarkable increase from the approximately 80 new members a day he was getting, Black said. His Web site, which was started in 1995, is one of the oldest and largest hate group sites. The site received so many hits that it crashed after election results were announced. The site boasts 110,000 registered members today, Black said.

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Do You Get the Point?

This is how all business calls should be answered….

Welcome to the United States of America

Hello and welcome to the United States of America!


Press ’1′ for English.

Press ’2′ to disconnect until you learn to speak English.

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