scales-of-justiceAt the end of February I told you about Army officer, First Lt. Michael Behenna facing a murder charge and being prosecuted by the very country he has offered himself to protect and uphold. Behanna was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years.

Now it turns out that it’s highly likely that the prosecution withheld key evidence that could have exonerated Behenna and to make matters worse they are denying him a retrial that very likely could prove him not guilty of murder. Behenna claimed self-defense from the start and a prosecutor’s witness, a world renowned forensic specialist, was prepared to offer proof of Behenna’s story but was not allowed to because that wasn’t what the prosecution wanted anyone to hear. They wanted him found guilty.

Yes, the government asks our soldiers to serve and protect and even give their lives and what does our government do in return? Prosecute, persecute and lie when they do their jobs!

A military judge Friday refused to throw out Army Lt. Michael C. Behenna’s murder conviction despite an 11th-hour claim by the prosecution’s own forensic expert that the infantry officer is likely innocent.

On Feb. 27, a military court found Behenna guilty of murdering al-Qaida operative Ali Mansur Mohammed in Iraq on May 16, 2008 during a field interrogation. Behenna, 25, an infantry platoon leader in the 101st Airborne Division, maintains the shooting was in self-defense.

The seven-member panel that convicted the young officer rejected that claim, but new information indicates the court may not have heard the whole story. On the day the verdict came down, the government’s own forensics expert, Dr. Herbert L. MacDonell, told Army prosecutor Capt. Meghan M. Poirier that he had changed his mind and now believes Behenna killed Ali Mansur in self-defense.

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