Up until about 6 months or so ago I was relatively apolitical, moderate Independent at most.  Since then I’ve gotten an education that I sometimes I feel I could have been better off not getting.  Living in Wisconsin I value the “Midwestern” ethics of working hard to achieve and succeed but have, much to my dismay, found out that what I took to be the norm is far from that.

It looks like CA was transplanted to Madison with the protests, the chanting, the drum beating.  I never realized peoples sense of entitlement could run so deep that they, with the union’s prodding, would try to rip apart a wonderful state.  I have always respected teachers, police, firemen, etc. for what I believed was their devotion to their service but have been rudely awakened to the reality that their devotion is driven by only one thing, the almighty dollar!

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that everyone is entitled to a fair wage for their work but to threaten, intimidate, boycott and protest among other things, over having to come into line with the fact that the state can no longer sustain demands that far outweigh service provided is lunacy!

I watch the MSM (main stream media) and see the right demonized as unfair, overreaching, liars, frauds, people who don’t care about children, middle class, working people, families, seniors, etc. and I just have to laugh.  Most of those on the right are middle class working people with families they are trying to support.  It just seems to me that the middle class of the right believe that we should have to live within our means, not keep taking and taking and taking.  We should stand on our own two feet and support ourselves.  What’s so wrong with that?

Now, I understand that every now and then, even the strongest person may need a hand up but that is far different from an hand out.  There are people out there who live their entire lives on the govn’t dole, their hands out saying, “gimme more, gimme more!”  There’s a problem when we keep saying “okay” and giving and giving and giving, they never learn to stand on their own.  They learn to expect that they never have to do anything to get everything.  Where is their pride, their self-respect?  What’s wrong with expecting them to get it together and start providing for themselves?

Tell me, am I missing something here?  The more people are dependent on the govn’t, the more people will be dependent on the govn’t.  This county was not founded to be a nanny state nation.  Our founders would be rolling over in their graves if they could see what we have come to!

Like, I said, I’m not terribly political.  I don’t follow everything that’s going on but I can see what is right and what is wrong… Or maybe I should say what is right and what is left…. because it certainly seems to someone who, though they may not be politically astute, is logical and practical, what is going on is wrong, seriously wrong.  There needs to be some changes in this country before there is nothing left… or maybe the only thing left is the left.  Scary, scary thought!