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I have a different approach to bailing out the American auto makers. While Obama’s administration is busy throwing good money after bad, the big three are still laying off folks and those that are lucky enough to retain employment are hard at work making vehicles that no one can afford to buy, therefore they will sit in the parking lots of auto dealers who will dust them off weekly.

I propose rather than throwing billions at the big three auto makers, the Obama administration issues vouchers to each American family. Limit one per family.

This would be beneficial in a multitude of ways.  First and foremost, the vehicles being made would not sit in a dealership parking lot they would be “sold” to the American public and dealerships would be reimbursed by Uncle Sam once presented for payment.

It would also be beneficial in that many energy inefficient autos would be off of the roads, replaced by fuel efficient, green vehicles.

I don’t think I need to explain the benefit of this program to the family that is currently driving a older vehicle, praying it holds out, because they can not obtain financing to purchase a new one in this economic environment or are worried that they may not have a job tomorrow to make payments on that new car. With my proposal the big three would still get their bailout but the American taxpayer would also benefit, which seems only fair because after all it is our tax dollars that are saving their bacon.

For those American that have recently purchased a new auto and are not currently in need of a new vehicle, vouchers would have no expiration date and therefore could be used 2, 3, 4 years down the road.

As a by-product of my plan, manufacturers of auto parts would also benefit in that as parts are needed to be replaced on these vehicles, they will be purchased from American manufacturers and as their inventories are depleted, they would need replenishing, more jobs for more Americans.

Some may say this is protectionism and that protectionism isn’t a good thing. Funny that most of the people saying this are the fat cats, who if the economy completely shits the bed will simply bail. They will hop on their private jets, pockets full and head to France or where ever else they have a home. They wont have to live with the mess they created but we will. Others decrying “protectionism” are countries like China who will no longer benefit if Americans are buying American.

The bottom line is, we are Americans, if we don’t support our country, who will? The premise is simple, buy American and America works.

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