Hey New York, it look like Phoenix, AZ is stealing the title “the city that never sleeps” from you. No cause for alarm though as Phoenix certainly wont be taking any tourist dollars from your state, the folks in Phoenix are awake for fear of being kidnapped. Phoenix has earned itself the dubious honor of being the kidnapping capitol in the country and is working hard towards its goal of being the kidnapping capitol of the world, currently they have the #2 slot.

I am certain it has nothing to do with those hard working folks that illegally cross the border to work or your city’s sanctuary policies for illegal aliens and the drug cartels. Last year alone,there were more than 370 kidnappings – with extortionist purposes and with every instance including torture. For the moment, the kidnapping seemed to be confined to illegals battling over drug territory but how long will it be before they decide that kidnapping Phoenix citizens for ransom can be quite lucrative??

In an effort to combat the crime wave, Phoenix police have pulled more than a dozen officers off other assignments and created a special unit to handle the kidnappings, called the Home Invasion Task Force. The crimes are occurring across the valley and in all types of neighborhoods, authorities warn.

The video below points out that almost every case they cover in Phoenix is related to drug or human smuggling. However the video never mentions the illegal immigration issue or lack of border security as having anything to do with the increase in kidnappings.

Ironically enough, the Obama administration chose Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano to head head up the Department of Homeland Security. This woman can not manage to keep her own state safe so Obama decides she may do a better job if she has 50 states to be responsible for????

Once again Obama rewards incompetence and irresponsibility and once, or shall I say yet again, it is the people that will pay.

Honestly folks, I cant help but wonder whether Obama is just a fool or if he is a sleeper for Islamic Extremists. I mean after all isn’t it much easier to destroy America this way, from the inside?? Why go to war and have blood shed? Just destroy us from within. Economically (the markets down over 25% since he was elected), he has appointed seriously inept people to key positions, leave the borders porous……….and America is ripe for the picking.

Why isn’t the government doing it’s job, protecting us from invasion? It seems the government is more concerned about whether or not I wear a seatbelt than it is over the droves of drug smuggling illegals entering our country daily.

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