You thought it was over but it looks like it’s back and Obama is it’s Champion!

Millions of Americans have viewed “big government” with a sharp, almost visceral skepticism ever since the enactment of LBJ’s Great Society. Disillusioned with welfare programs, chafing under federal civil rights laws and angered by social unrest and rising tax rates, conservative Democrats and Republicans relentlessly decried government as bureaucratic, wasteful and flat-out ineffectual. The ground is beginning to shift beneath our feet, however, as the collapsing national economy slowly upends this long-running theme in America’s political culture. (NY Daily News)

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The federal government is bigger, costlier and more involved than ever in Americans’ lives, including, under the previous Republican administration, a huge new government prescription plan, war spending and more government surveillance powers. But unprecedented growth has come in the last four months through trillion-dollar-plus spending, tax cuts and debt to bail out banks, automakers and homeowners behind on their mortgages.

It may take Americans years to comprehend the magnitude of the change. (USA Today)

“Obama is not Reaganesque,” talk-show king Rush Limbaugh said, accusing Obama of capitalizing on despair to move the U.S. toward socialism. “He is Big Brotheresque. He is Orwellian.”

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