Are we Americans as dumb as we appear – or – is it that we just do not think?

Made in China

Made in China

While the Chinese, knowingly and intentionally, export inferior and even toxic products and dangerous toys and goods to be sold in American markets, the media wrings its hands and criticizes the government for perceived errors.

Yet 70% of Americans believe that the trading privileges afforded to the Chinese should be suspended.

Well, duh…why do you need the government to suspend trading privileges?


Simply look on the bottom of every product you buy, and if it says ‘Made in China’ or ‘PRC’ (and that now includes Hong Kong ), simply choose another product, or none at all. You will be amazed at how dependent you are on Chinese products, and you will be equally amazed at what you can do with out. Who needs plastic eggs to celebrate Easter?

If you must have eggs, use real ones and benefit some American farmer. Easter is just an example, the point is.. do not wait for the government to act.

Just go ahead and assume control on your own.

Think about this, if 200 million Americans refuse to buy just $20 each of Chinese goods, that’s a billion dollar trade imbalance resolved in our favor…fast!!

The downside? Some American businesses will feel a temporary pinch from having foreign stockpiles of inventory.  Waaahhhhhhhhhh

The Solution?

START NOW – Make a commitment to BUY AMERICAN!  American goods equals American jobs.

Send this to everybody you know.

Show them we are Americans and NOBODY can take us for granted.

If we can’t live without cheap Chinese goods, WE DESERVE WHAT WE GET!

AND while you are at it, when you call a contractor for lawn service, to have a tree trimmed, flower beds constructed, etc., Tell them you do not want any illegal aliens on your property performing the work!

For God’s sake people, support America or stop your damn whining!!

PS. There’s already a lot of products you can longer even buy American! We’ve basically lost our electronics industry to name just one. You can’t buy a TV, DVD player, radio, calculator and many other things made in America because they are no longer made in America, anywhere! We’ve lost these industries! What are we going to lose next? It’s up to us….

Pass it on, America

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