In a recent Executive Order signed by Gov. Walker, Executive Order 18, what should be seen as progress and an end to unfair discrimination has instead been turned around by the AFL-CIO as a slam against workers again, specifically against young workers, an end to apprentice jobs.

Walker Slams Door on Young Workers, Ends Apprentice Jobs

Walker quietly issued an executive order this month suspending rules that require contractors on state projects to employ workers under the state apprenticeship program.

Walker’s executive order, his 18th, was not distributed as a press release, unlike the prior 17, each of which can still be read on the “Media Center” section of the governor’s website.

Under the apprenticeship program contractors provide on-the-job training in a skilled trade to apprentices and also pay them wages as they attend classes at a technical college or other institution. It is overseen by the state Department of Workforce Development, and carried out at the local level by the state’s 94 local trade committees, boards staffed by local employer and employee representatives.

Like apprenticeship programs around the country, Wisconsin’s is a pathway to good, skilled middle-class jobs for young workers. State Rep. Barbara Toles (D) says suspending the rules will:

negatively impact people’s ability to gain access to apprenticeships, especially minorities and women.

In actuality what Gov. Walker did was to rescind EO 108 which requires that companies that bid on govn’t jobs have apprenticeship programs.  While apprenticeship programs are all well and good, this discriminates against companies with do not have these programs, which may offer more specialized services and which may be able to bid lower on the projects.

EO 18 does not “end apprentice jobs”, it just opens the door for competitive bidding.  Companies which have apprentice programs are still more than welcome to bid but Governor Walker is looking out for the bottom line, for the taxpayer.  Every job the gov’t hands out id paid for by the taxpayer and why shouldn’t the taxpayer get the most for their money?

The unions continue to yell, rant and rave about the “workers” and the :middle class” but only a small percentage of middle class workers are actually union affiliated while we are all taxpayers.  Why should we bend to the will of union workers, a small minority?  What about the rest of the WI workers, the rest of WI middle class, do we not count at all?

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