The Dow sunk to its lowest point since 1997 yesterday, but President Obama says that’s a good thing if you’ve got some money to play around with on the stock market.

While answering questions from reporters today during a photo opportunity with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Obama took the opportunity to hand out some investment tips based on the old ‘buy low, sell high’ maxim: “What you’re now seeing is… profit and earning ratios are starting to get to the point where buying stocks is a potentially good deal if you’ve got a long-term perspective on it.”

There you have, it sound financial advice from a man who managed to double the nation’s debt in less than 6 weeks he has been in office.

The President conceded that he doesn’t get too upset over the “day-to-day gyrations of the stock market,” because he’s focused on “the long-term ability for the United States and the entire world economy to regain its footing.”

Comparing the market to political tracking polls, Obama told reporters, “You know, it bobs up and down day to day.”

Bobs up and down, he is kidding, right?

The market has pretty much plummeted since he won the election the Dow has lost more than 25% of its value.

Obama also said, “And if you spend all your time worrying about that, then you’re probably going to get the long-term strategy wrong.”

Obama should spend a bit more time worrying about the markets day to day abysmal closes. It is the market giving him a vote of no confidence. I hear and read so many of his sheeple ignorantly say how they don’t care if the market collapses as they don’t own stock.

Well Barry INSANE Obama and the lemmings that follow him should give a damn because while they may not own stock in GM, GE or Caterpillar, when these companies stock prices fall they have less capitol. Less capitol means less funds available to build new plants, develop new projects and hire new workers, or even the ability to retain the employees they already have.

It’s also in Barak Hussein Obama’s “long term plan” to tax the living hell out of companies as soon as they are able to pull their companies back in the black. The plans this lunatic has in place, from his stimulus package to his redistribution of wealth will fail miserable, taking many American families with it.

You see Barak, it is a numbers game; 90% of working Americans may be able to carry the load for 10% of Americans who contribute nothing. Consequently, you can not have 80% of the population being supported by 20% of the population. The market is talking or rather screaming and you, Sir, I use that term loosely, are not listening.

Your plans discourage investing, punish success, reward failure and encourage the outsourcing of jobs. In short, the market doesn’t like your socialist plan, and neither do I. Get a clue! It worked out really well for Russia, didn’t it?

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