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Sweatin’ With the Socialists

Get your copy today. An exercise video that will keep you up on your feet for hours to the voice of your favorite president, Barack Obama! Join Nancy Pelosi as she leads you through thousands of annoying exuberant clapping exercises to the voice of President Obama. Spring into action as Pelosi keeps you on your feet during this highly engaging video.

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Meet Nour Hadid, of IL. She stands accused of beating her 2-year-old niece Bhia Hadid to death during the four days Bhia Hadid was at her home on the 9000 block of West 140th Street. Bhia had 55 separate bruises and was beaten “from head to toe,” according to prosecutors, who say Hadid has confessed.

Now for the unbelievable part of the story the accused husband, Alaeddin Hadid is upset, not over the beating death of the child, but rather that his wife’s mug shot was taken without her head and face being covered with a hijab, or headscarf. He alleges that the photo was taken to “insult Islam”. Hadid, of coarse has now threatened to sue, big surprise there!! Seems to me a person practicing the religion of Islam beating a child to death would be more insulting.

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obamasauntZeituni Onyango, aunt to President Barack Obama will be permitted to stay in the United States until at least next year as she awaits a chance to make her case before an immigration judge in her bid for asylum from her native Kenya.

On Wednesday a judge scheduled a hearing for Feb. 4, 2010 to hear Zeituni Onyango’s case.

Onyango did not speak after her initial appearance in U.S. Immigration Court in Boston. At the request of her attorney, the hearing was closed to the media at the request of her attorney.

Onyango, moved to the United States in 2000. Her first attempt at asylum was rejected, and an immigration judge ordered her deported in 2004. She continues to live in public housing in Boston at the tax payer’s expense. One has to assume that this is only one expense that the American public is bearing for this illegal immigrant. After all if she is living in public housing one has to wonder if she is also on food stamps, fuel assistance or Medicare.

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Saint Pelosi????

Nancy Pelosi is now a Saint…
On a Saturday afternoon in Washington, D.C., House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s aide visited the Cardinal of the Catholic cathedral.

He told the Cardinal that Nancy Pelosi would be attending the next day’s sermon, and he asked if the Cardinal would kindly point out Pelosi to the congregation and say a few words that would include calling Pelosi a saint.

The Cardinal replied, “No I don’t really like the woman, and there are issues of conflict with the Catholic Church over certain of Pelosi’s views.”

Pelosi’s aide then said, “Look. I’ll write a check here and now for a donation of $100,000 to your church if you’ll just tell the congregation you see Pelosi as a saint.”

The Cardinal thought about it and said, “Well, the church can use the money, so I’ll work your request into tomorrow’s sermon.”

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Tiller the Baby Killer


For years and years pro-choicers have argued that the fetus is not a child. Some have even contended that a fetus is just a mere parasite living off of its mother’s body. What was often called into question was the fetus’ viability or, in other words, the ability to sustain its life outside the womb. Argue what you wish, for or against abortion but when a viable infant is subjected to having surgical scissors stuck into the back of its neck and a suction catheter is inserted to literally suck the infants brain out…….well this writer just has to call it what it is… murder. Sadly, Kansas jurors did not see it that way.

Dr Tiller of Kansas very aproposly named “Tiller the baby killer” has been providing late term abortions in the state of Kansas for virtually any reason… providing his client could pay the required fee of $5,000.00.

On Friday March 26,2009, Dr Tiller was acquitted of 19 misdemeanor charges against him, charges that stemming from abortions he performed at his Wichita clinic in 2003. The charges alleged that Tiller was violating Kansas law requiring an independent second opinion for the procedure. The keyword being independent. Prosecutors had alleged that a doctor he used for second opinions, Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus, was essentially an employee of his and not independent as state law requires.

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Army Officer Denied Retrial Despite Expert’s New Testimony

scales-of-justiceAt the end of February I told you about Army officer, First Lt. Michael Behenna facing a murder charge and being prosecuted by the very country he has offered himself to protect and uphold. Behanna was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years.

Now it turns out that it’s highly likely that the prosecution withheld key evidence that could have exonerated Behenna and to make matters worse they are denying him a retrial that very likely could prove him not guilty of murder. Behenna claimed self-defense from the start and a prosecutor’s witness, a world renowned forensic specialist, was prepared to offer proof of Behenna’s story but was not allowed to because that wasn’t what the prosecution wanted anyone to hear. They wanted him found guilty.

Yes, the government asks our soldiers to serve and protect and even give their lives and what does our government do in return? Prosecute, persecute and lie when they do their jobs!

A military judge Friday refused to throw out Army Lt. Michael C. Behenna’s murder conviction despite an 11th-hour claim by the prosecution’s own forensic expert that the infantry officer is likely innocent.

On Feb. 27, a military court found Behenna guilty of murdering al-Qaida operative Ali Mansur Mohammed in Iraq on May 16, 2008 during a field interrogation. Behenna, 25, an infantry platoon leader in the 101st Airborne Division, maintains the shooting was in self-defense.

The seven-member panel that convicted the young officer rejected that claim, but new information indicates the court may not have heard the whole story. On the day the verdict came down, the government’s own forensics expert, Dr. Herbert L. MacDonell, told Army prosecutor Capt. Meghan M. Poirier that he had changed his mind and now believes Behenna killed Ali Mansur in self-defense.

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We The People Stimulus Package

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Economic Notice

light-at-end-of-tunnelDue to recent budget cuts and the cost of electricity, gas and oil, as well as current market conditions and the continued decline of the economy, The Light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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What Would Thomas Paine Say?

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With this Change, There is No Hope


Obama wants a “path to citizenship” for all law abiding illegals.

First and foremost one has to chuckle at the absurdity of this statement. How can one possibly be a law abiding illegal immigrant? Doesn’t the President realize that there IS a path to citizenship that already exists??? If this comes to pass, tell me where is the incentive for anyone, from anywhere to migrate here legally??

Yet again Barak INSANE Obama is rewarding bad behavior.

Mr Hussien Obama should pay more attention to what our government is supposed to do vs. what he “feels” we should do. By this, I mean our government is supposed to protect our sovereignty NOT mandate that our middle school children preform 50 hours per year of community service and our high schoolers’ mandated to preform 100 hours per year of community service.

Note: This bill, being called Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act, passed the house yesterday.

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