protestGlobal warming activists arrived in Washington on Monday to protest global warming. It was said to be the nation’s largest act of civil disobedience to fight climate change. Protesters arrived only to find DC virtually shut down by this seasons heaviest snowfall of the winter.

Many protesters could not get to DC as dozens of flights in the area were delayed or canceled. Still others couldn’t face the dangerous roads or blustery weather.

Speaker of the House, Nancy “Know-It-All” Pelosi, who called on the architect of the Capitol to stop burning coal at the power plant last week, was forced to canceled her appearance at the rally as her flight to Washington was canceled due to inclement weather.

Organizers of the protest estimate 2,500 people “braved” the blizzard to protest greenhouse gas emissions. Personally I thought they looked extremely foolish. Imagine the sight if you will, 2,500 people standing in snow 6 inches deep, with temperatures in the mid 20′s bundled up in layer upon layer of clothing, carrying signs to protest global warming. Strangely enough the very same thing happened to Al Gore when he gave a speech on global warming in January 2004 in New York.

Maybe, just maybe mother nature is trying to tell you tree huggers something.

Global warming activists had hoped to swarm the Capitol by the thousands in an effort to force the government to close the Capitol Power Plant, which heats and cools a number of government buildings, including the Supreme Court and the Capitol.

It should be noted that there is currently no consensus between scientist that global warming is man made. While I am not a scientist one does have to ponder this simple question, if global warming is man made then how did mother earth manage to work herself out of the ice age?

In this time of growing energy demand, increased energy costs and high unemployment why would we want to stop utilizing coal?? To do so would only increase the cost of other energy forms and add many more people to the unemployment lines. I am all for cleaner coal and the restoration of the land once mining is complete but to cease utilizing one of our nations most abundant sources on energy is just plain foolish.

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