I have a better stimulus package than the one Obama is implementing. Instead of spending close to 800 billion dollars, dollars we don’t have mind you, to possibly create 3.5 million jobs, I propose the following:

1.) Spend 5 billion and build a fence to protect our boarder.
2.) Spend another 2 billion and hire enough boarder patrol agents to place one every quarter mile.
3.) Spend an additional 5 billion for the hiring of new INS agents.
4.) Spend an additional 10 billion for deportation expenses.

Cost of my plan?  22 Billion

Why and how would this help? There are an estimated 20 million illegal imigrants here in the US.  Lets assume 25% of them hold jobs.  Deporting them would then free up 5 million jobs, afterall a good many of them MUST hold jobs because, afterall, these fine folks (who broke the law to get here, what part of illegal is unclear to you) only came here to work, right?

Ironically enough that exactly how many Americans are collecting unemployment at the moment according to figures released this Thursday. Please do not irritate me with the age old and moronic defense that illegal immigrants take the jobs Americans won’t, I know plenty of Americans that would take anything available in order to be able to sustain their families.

Now, I know that Hilary has stated that there are just too many of them to round up and deport. Really? Then my next question is if we had 20 million murders here in the US, would we just throw our hands in the air and say there are just too many to do anything about them?

My point is folks we do not need job creation, what we need is job reclaimation.

Furthermore, I havent even touched on how much money this would save the government by eliminating the cost of feeding, housing, educating and incarcerating these people. But I digress, that’s a topic for another day.

Now, let’s review shall we.  My plan spends 22 billion to reclaim 5 million jobs.  Obama’s plan earmarks close to 800 billion for 3.5 million jobs.  Which do you prefer??

Which poses my next question, how many of those newly created 3.5 million jobs are going to go to Americans???

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