Now I have to tell you, this has been one of my pet peeves for about forever – the abuse of the welfare system and social programs by lazy, do-nothing, pop-out-more-babies, sit-on-your-ass, drugging, drinking wastes of human life!

Welfare and many of the social programs out there should be used only as a stepping stone, a way to get through a tough time, to get back on your feet, but how many people turn them into a lifestyle, sucking on the government tit and being supported by us, the American taxpayer, while they do nothing, forever?

I am sick to death of hearing people whine that they can’t do anything, that they have no skills but they sure seem to know how to get through the red tape to get those government checks so they can continue to sit on their lazy asses.  People who receive disability but pop out baby after baby so they can get more government benefits, benefits on top of benefits. People who have learned how to work the system to squeeze out every red cent.

I admit, I am short on sympathy and long on cynicism.  Take a look around, be sure to open your eyes, and you’ll see it too.

And the government complains about the debt and raises our taxes!

It’s time for a reform, past time for a reform!

Like the saying goes, you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, you teach a man to fish, he eats forever.  Well, a lot of people have learned how to get free fish forever and now it’s time to cut them off and teach them to fish or let them starve.

Instead of letting people collect welfare forever, set a time limit for them to get back on their feet, say 6 months or so, like unemployment.  In the mean time organize training programs for them and teach them marketable skills.  Set up child care centers where these training programs are so there’s no complaining about needing childcare, that they can’t go to school because of the kids. It won’t take long before the money that is being saved getting people off the programs is easily paying for the training and childcare.

As for disability, it should be reserved for people who are truly disabled.  I hear people snickering about how they rooked the system and are now on disability, a word to a doctor here or there, chronic complaints of indefinable problems and bang! Disability… SSI… and they’re set!  Then I see people who could be considered truly disabled; blind, deaf, wheelchair bound, and more, out there every day, working, earning their own keep.  They’re proud, self-sufficient people who refuse to “take charity” which is how many of them look at it.  Time to stop coddling lazy, do-nothings!

Now, I admit that this is an overly simplified answer and not a one size fits all, but done correctly, it could take a huge weigh off the taxpayers who are now feeling an ever increasing burden every day.

As for where the jobs are, where they will come from when people are ready to get them, I’ll defer to what Charlie said, reclaim American jobs for Americans! As an added bonus, there will be the taxes paid in by this whole new work force.  So rather than sucking the government tit, they will be easing the burden of the rest of the tax paying aAmericans.

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