BalancingI’m one of those people who has always tried to avoid anything that smacks of politics because I don’t agree with either side enough to call myself one or the other.  It depends on the issue for me.

When it comes to the Republicans, to me it seems as if they don’t seem to really give a damn about your average American, they’re in it for the big guys and big bucks.  Handling out tax breaks to the ones who need it the least.

When it comes to the Democrats, it looks like they don’t really care about the average American either, they want to save the poor, the indigent, the illegals.  They want to hand out tax money, my hard earned money to people who sit on their asses with their hands out whining “feel sorry for me.”

Sure, there are some people who truly need help and that’s different but to continue to hand out money to able-bodied people who can work but who find it easier to play the government game, no, sorry, stop being damn leeches on society!

With all this money that the current administration is handing out in an effort to stimulate the economy, luckily Obama is demanding some accounting for where it’s going and what it’s being spent on.  How well that is actually going to work out only time will tell.  We can only hope we won’t see the same kind of abuses the banking system and Wall Street has been able to get away with since Bush just handed them billions and let them do with it whatever they wanted.  Yeah, love those trips and bonuses, they sure earned that as the companies deteriorated and continue to deteriorate.

Not that I am wholly in agreement with this whole stimulus plan but it’s a done deal so let’s hope someone really is going to be keeping tabs on our money, yes, that’s right, it is our money that is bailing everyone out.  Don’t we have the right to demand an accounting?

Now if the government can demand an accounting why can’t we, as taxpayers, demand an accounting for the rest of the people we are supporting with out tax dollars?   For the people on welfare or other social programs, shouldn’t there be some kind of rules in place for them too?

Why can’t we institute mandatory drug testing?  If you’re in the private sector and have a job, you’re employer can demand  periodic mandatory drug testing which if you fail, you lose your job.  If someone is receiving public assistance, why can’t we demand the same.  You fail the test, you lose your assistance.

If you’re on public assistance, why should we pay you to have more babies so that we can support them, pay the medical bills, increase your benefits?  If you’re on public assistance and you have 2 kids, that should be it.  You shouldn’t be allowed to have anymore to be a further  drain on society.

If you’re in this country illegally, GET OUT!  What part of illegal do people not understand?  You’re raking in public assistance one way after another.  You’re taking our housing, our jobs, our money… you’re filling our prisons, our schools, our hospitals… what right do you have to do this?

Yeah, we all started out as immigrants to this country.  I am a fist generation Italian American but I don’t call myself Italian or Italian American, I call myself an American.  My family entered this country legally.  Everyone has held jobs, paid taxes, stayed out of jail.

Growing up my family embraced America.  We spoke only English in my home because that is the language of this country.  No one was ever on any kind of public assistance, never accepted handouts.  We went to school, we graduated, we got jobs and we worked hard.

If you want to be a part of American then for God’s sake, be a part of America!  Stop expecting us to accommodate you.  We’re accommodating you by allowing you to be here.  The language of America is English, learn to speak it!  Don’t come here expecting hand-outs, you sure as hell didn’t earn them, you haven’t earned anything.  Get a damn job and support yourself.

As for these big corporations and people who have more money than God, why do they need or deserve any kind of tax breaks?  You want to build bigger companies, new buildings, get a loan like the rest of us.

As for companies that are getting breaks or money from the government, they should have some basic guidelines they should have to follow.  Keep American jobs in American and give them to Americans.  When there are suppliers and manufacturers of goods these companies need, they should have to buy American.  If the government is going to use our money to get you out of a hole you dug yourself into, then there should be some say in where that money is going and how much the big guys are being paid.  Why should someone make hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars and get bonuses on top of bonuses when you’ve driven your company into the ground.

Some of these companies have laid off hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of workers but the guys in the top offices still expect to get their big paycheck, stock options, fancy offices, chauffeured driven cars, private planes, etc. while people who used to work for them pray that unemployment will support their family, that they can find another job, that they don’t lose their home, their car… that they can even put food on the table.

So you see, I think both the Republican and Democrats SUCK!  I cannot even be called a moderate because I am pretty extreme in some of my thinking.  So where to you stand when you’re neither left or right… you just take your own stand and screw anyone who doesn’t like it!

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